about us


Our community is located in the Coromandel, 15 min North of Thames. Up in the hills, surrounded by native bush, and looking out into the vast ocean, we have a small number of residents and volunteers living in a big house and a few cabins (we can host up to 15 people). We have a studio for classes, personal practices and communal events, and host regular workshops, ceremonies, sharing circles, bonfires, music, dance, healing practices, arts & crafts, movie nights, games, and other activities. We balance the social element of community with personal/ introspective time, for which this place offers plenty of hidden gems, unexpected animals and beautiful nature tracks to explore. 

Together we share sacred knowledge with each other (and externally), and also reflect deeply, laugh lightly, love greatly, grow spiritually, be appreciated for our strengths and vulnerabilities, find meaning and belonging, live in harmony with nature, enjoy a communal lifestyle, and aspire to embody a Yogic lifestyle.

Sustainability principles encourage us to look after the land, permaculture garden (aiming towards feeding the community with plant-based organic food at some stage), recycle, grow sustainably, and share resources appropriately.



Explore and embody the principles of Yoga philosophy / psychology, using them as a framework of how to understand and interact with yourself, others and the universe.
Contribute towards a kind, loving, peaceful, compassionate, mindful, non-judgemental and trusting environment.
Tune into yourSelf (your heart, spirit, body, intuition) and use that as a guide to make decisions.


Find love within yourself, and act from that place.
Aim to establish meaningful heart-to-heart connections.
Share vulnerability with others.
Honor, encourage and support others.
Hold space for others in a way that suits you both.
Replace judgement and violence with compassion, tolerance and acceptance.


Be open and honest with yourself and others.
Use non-violent communication.
Ask questions rather than making assumptions. 
Be open to external perspectives and observations, rather than being defensive.
Express your feelings, needs and boundaries clearly.


Continuously deepen your personal development and spiritual awakening.
Own your feelings and actions, rather than blaming others/the environment. Recognise that if something is triggering you, it is something for you to work on.
Take challenging situations as an opportunity to increase your wisdom.
Aim for enlightenment but take life lightly! We all have limitations, and they are worthy of tolerance and compassion.


Be humble, open-minded and willing to learn from everything/everyone..
Be reliable, accountable and efficient.
Honor people’s boundaries and freedom, as well as your own.
Be conscious of the collective & your impact on it.
Contribute positively towards the environment, land and nature.
Respect all ethnicities, cultures, gender identities, sexual orientations, ages, backgrounds, views and life styles.


Be involved in the community, participating in community initiatives, such as sharing circles, shared dinners or workshops/events. 
Aspire towards reciprocity, considering what you bring and receive.
Hold a positive attitude, being solution-oriented rather than problem-focused.
Cooperate with others towards shared goals.


This video aims to show what a typical day in Alkimia could look like – amongst thousands of other possibilities & lots of randomness! 🙂

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