Temazcal (sweat lodge)

Event Date:

October 26, 2021

Event Time:

6:00 pm

13 Pohue Creek Rd, Waiomu, Thames

A Temazcal is a dome with a circular hole in the middle to hold red hot rocks. Water is poured over the hot stones to create intense steam, and then you sweat ass off while doing a guided non-denominal spiritual ceremony.

The Temazcal is used not (only!) to nourish ourselves, instead we use it to confront our deepest person, our root. When we face and confront our fears, the inner smoke dissipates and we can clearly embrace our feelings, feel the core, the essential energy that keeps us alive.

Inside the Temazcal we have an opportunity to realise who we really are. We become equal to everyone and part of a group, unity; in this moment we realise that we are unique, different, and essential to the collective conscience.

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$40. Only 10 tickets available to general public.

* About the facilitator *

Antonio Karam is Mexican born, and has been in New Zealand for over a decade. Capoeira instructor, Music teacher, and Active musician he has always believed in the positive outcome of passing knowledge to the next generation.
“I believe that music, language and art are some of the most important forms of human expression. I am certain that by using them we can express our culture, our feelings, our emotions and our thoughts.
Since 1999, I have been collaborating with many talented people, and playing in different bands and projects with a big variety of musical genres going from Reggae to classical”.

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13 Pohue Creek Rd, Waiomu, Thames

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  • October 26, 2021 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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